What’s the difference between a zippo and a hippo? One is heavy while the other is a little lighter: Introduction to Omeka: Creating Digital Collections and Exhibits

This week I’m looking at two difference showcased sites on Omeka, The Latina History Project and The Lomax Kentucky Recordings. I chose both of these sites because they are regionally based, The Latina History Project in Texas and The Lomax Kentucky Recordings in Kentucky, and I wanted to look at how these two projects handled a regional project.

The Latina History Project is done by Southwestern University in Texas. The goal of the project is to provide resources to the Latino/a and Chicano/a in central Texas. It started as a digitization of an exhibit called Rostros y Almas (Faces and Souls).

The Lomax Kentucky Recordings is done by the Association for Cultural Equity, Berea College, Library of Congress and The University of Kentucky. This project contains a documentary of sound recordings of rural Kentucky music and lore, pulled from the Library of Congress’ Archive of American Folk Songs from 1933-1942.  It presents a spectrum of traditional expressive culture.

Both projects aim to share the culture of the area that they are in however they go about it in different ways. The Latina History Project relies on oral histories of past and present members of the Southwestern community as well as activists and key figures in Chicano/a community. However, The Lomax Kentucky Recordings is made up of mostly music using the folk recordings that were in the Library of Congress.

In regard to the sites themselves, I am more partial to the set-up done by the Lomax Kentucky Recordings. It feels cleaner and easier to navigate. Each tab is clearly labeled: About, Listen to the Songs, Discover Artists, Explore the Counties, etc. Within each tab is then a list and search bar for whatever is supposed to be there: songs, artists, counties, etc. It is very easy to find what you are looking for.


The Latina History Project is just set up differently, and in a way that does not make as much sense to me personally. Much like the other site, it offers different tabs: About, Browse Items, Browse Collections, Browse Exhibits, etc. Then within each tab there is just an option to click on different projects. It feels more like exploring so if you were going in looking for something specific it would be harder to find, but it is a different type of project.

2018-02-13 (1).png

The Lomax Kentucky Recordings site is so specific to what information it presents, which is why it has a different feel. The Latina History Project has many different exhibits it is presenting, covering different topics, so both sites are organized and easy to navigate, they are just presenting it in different ways.


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